Saturday, June 19, 2010

25 Years Old

Amazingly, we been doing VWNW for 25 years. I for one am claiming that I went to the first VWNW as a small child . . .

Here's the oldest photo I've got, taken in 1993, it features John Heaton and Andy Webster doing the Engine Change competition.

Have you got Tatton Park photos from 'Back in the day'? Send them to me:

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Latest news and Blog EXCLUSIVE!

Here's the latest news:

ok, I agree, that news was not worthy of a Movie! However I am learning how to edit video and am taking every opportunity to film stuff. The quality is not what I hoped for, it looked ok before Blogger got their hands on it and compressed it, sigh. Does anyone have any advice?

Do any of you recognise the location of my little film? There's a (virtual) prize for the first person to id the place where we had our vwnw meeting today.

So, on to my Blog EXCLUSIVE! The Concours classes have been settled upon and here is the Concours Booking Form ~ Blog Followers get first dibs, I will be sending out messages to our mailing list friends when I have integrated the form into our website.

That's all for now :-)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Signs of Life

Spring is in the air and I have sprung into action!

Yesterday I sent email invites out to Clubs and Traders inviting them to sign up.

Here is Club Sign up Form and here is the Traders Booking Form

Today I finally set to and started on the web banner and design for our home page. I had Rob Meader make some Photoshop selections for me to use on the new website, I found him via the VZi jobs forum

With Rob's Selections I have made this banner:

Rob's selections are GREAT, he is available for Hire - Photoshopping, graphics and all that lovely Pixel Stuff, check out his web: imageperfix His rates are very reasonable :-)

I'd love to show you the page I am working on but the text is last years, I'm waiting for Mike to approve this years text and then all will be revealed!

Ok, that's all for now, I have a flood of Club bookings I have to go attend to ....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Website, progress at last!

After many weeks of procrastination I can finally say that I 'did something' towards getting our 2009 web up and going. I have recruited a Graphic Artist to undertake my Photoshop selections.

I found my man on the VZi Jobs Forum This is a place where Vee Dubbers can offer their services for hire or post up a job vacancy. I think this fourm is such a good idea, especially in this time of Credit Crunchiness. I had contemplated getting someone from eBay to do my selections but feel much better about offering the work to somone in the VW community. Why not check out the Jobs Forum next time you need any work doing around your home or if your boss tells you they are looking to hire.

Here's a sneak preview of what the '09 web banner might look like, but please note that the mexican Beetle was selected by me using the magic wand and it will NOT feature in the finished work, LOL!

More next time, I'll 'introduce' you to my Graphics fella and show you some of what he has done for me.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Big Chef, Little Chef

I've been watching the Channel 4 prog "Big Chef Takes on Little Chef" with great interest. Heston Blumenthal is trying to revamp Little Chef with some Blue Sky thinking and experimental cookery.

What does this have to do with VWNW? Well, once a year, on the day after VWNW I make my annual pilgrimage to Little Chef at Tabley in what is (almost) the final part of my VWNW weekend.

Some people are surprised to know that the day after our event at Tatton some of us go back to clear up, tidy up and even pick up the litter. When the event field is clean we head to Little Chef for an all-you-can-eat session. I usually have a veggie burger, Mike and Gordon nearly always have fish and chips, Ernie drinks gallons of tea and we never leave without pudding!
My 2006 Veggie Burger, is it wrong to know what year I ate this?

It has to be said that we have many Team members but only a few are hard core enough to make it to the Little Chef, its a sign of Uber dedication. Only "Team Clean Up" get a Little Chef!
Gordon and Ernie are regular members of Team Clean Up

So, roll on August 10th, I can't wait to see what Heston is giving me to eat :-)

PS: still no progress on the website, ho hum!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome to the VWNW Blog, anyone got a bomb?

Hello my name is Julieanne and I am one the team organising Volkswagen Northwest, Tatton Park VW Show.

Welcome to my behind the scenes Blog where I hope to share some of the things you might never seen on the day at Tatton Park.

As I write its New Year and I am trying to make a resolution to 'do something' to the VWNW website. I have replaced the index page with one that gives a little info for this year, howev
er I really *must* pull out my finger and make a start on 2009 content.

I need to start by making a new banner, trouble is for what I have in my head I need some Photoshop selections making and I am RUBBISH with the selection tools. Given a neutral background and the Magic Wand I can do ok, but the images I want to work with are not easily selected. Ho Hum, I *promise* to make a start on it before January is out...

One of last years crap selections by me, note the chunk of bodywork missing! I don't think I used this one ;-)

I should say that I work best under pressure and find it hard to get revved up in January for something that isn't happening until August. If anyone can pop around here with a modest bomb to blast me into action I would be most appreciative.

Please do 'Follow' me, it helps to know if anyone is reading what I write. More soonish!